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Sports Hall Tennis

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Rooms and Areas Available to hire

Rooms and Areas Available to hire.

Minimum hourly Charge when no concurrent user (outside of normal school hours)

Level 1 – £20

Level 2 – £27.50 (£33)

Sports Hall                          

Level 1 Hire £17.00

Level 2 Hire £27.50 (£33)

Main Hall                            

Level 1 Hire £12

Level 2 Hire £25 (£30)


Level 1 Hire £12

Level 2 Hire £25 (£30)

Drama Studio                    

Level 1 Hire £12.00

Level 2 Hire £25 (£33)

Conference Room          

Level 1 Hire £12.00

Level 2 Hire £25 (£30)

Hard Area, netball / tennis court               

Level 1 Hire £5.00

Level 2 Hire £7.00

Football Pitches / Field

Level 1 Hire £11.00

Level 2 Hire £22


Level 1 Hire £8.00

Level 2 Hire £8.00


HALF DAY £20.00

FULL DAY £35.00

Plus, mileage at 60p per mile


Level 1 Hire £12.00

Level 2 Hire £25.00

Specialist Classroom – Food Tech

Level 1 Hire £12

Level 2 Hire £25

Additional Costs:

Urn – £10

Crockery – £5

Coffee / Tea – POA depending on nos.

Computer / projector POA

Catering on request term time only.

b)       The above charges do not include VAT. For general hires of rooms, school halls etc. VAT is not charged, unless the school is asked to provide any equipment such as sound systems, computers etc (tables and chairs can be used without the need to add VAT).

c)       VAT must also be added to the charges for use of purpose-built sports facilities (unless used for non-sporting activity).

d)       VAT may be exempted under HM Revenue and Customs rules if the hirer qualifies as an eligible organisation and pre-books for ten occasions or more. Apply to the school.

e)       These charges apply to use by voluntary community organisations. Charges for commercial use or for private functions will be determined separately.

f)        It is now possible to pay on online at http://epayments.hants.gov.uk/invoicepayments with a debit or credit card.

g)       Lettings for all areas except for the Sports Hall finishing after 9.00pm weekdays and at weekends will attract an additional lock/unlock charge of £25. The charge also applies to lettings for the Sports hall where the hirer does not agree to lock / unlock the sports hall.

a)       For sole use on Sundays, please double the lettings charge given above.