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Year 6 Transition

Welcome to Test Valley's Transition Page for parents, carers and students who will be joining us in September 2023!

Message from the Year 7 Team

Dear Parents, Carers and Pupils,

We are delighted to welcome you to our school and look forward to working with you to support the education, personal development and well-being of our new pupils, your children, as they progress towards young adulthood.

The transition from Primary to Secondary School is an exciting and significant milestone in any child’s education, and can invoke a mixture of emotions for pupils and their families. We understand that this period of transition can feel unsettling, and we want to reassure you that despite any current government restrictions, we will be working alongside you to aid a smooth, positive start to life at Test Valley School, enabling our new Year 7 pupils to make the best progress possible.

Our Transition Portal provides you with the opportunity to familiarise yourselves with our expectations, procedures and staff and enables us to better understand our new pupils’ and support families.

Message to Year 6 From Mr Thomas:

Starting at Test Valley School will give you an exciting opportunity to make many new friends to broaden your friendship groups.  Our school boasts a wide range of extra-curricular clubs, in which I encourage you to give them all a try.  As previously mentioned, you have at your disposal a set of teachers who are extremely caring who will assist you with any concern you may have. 

Keep working hard at your school and I'm very excited to meet you all here very soon.

As you enter your final year at Primary School, we want to encourage you to keep working hard in School and continue to flourish in these last few months. We want to make sure your transition to Test Valley is a smooth process and whilst many things will be different for you and you will have many new experiences, please do not worry about these things. You will adjust quickly to your new routines and remember, we are all here to help you.

Message to Year 6 Parents and Carers from our SENCO, Mrs Andrews

We hope that the information provided on the portal will help to support you with this. The Year 6/7 Transition Portal will continue to be updated, so please keep checking back on this page.