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Mrs N Osborne, Key Stage Leader

Having worked at Test Valley School for twelve years, I have come to love the sense of community that prevails throughout the school. When you or your child comes to join us in September, we want them to feel a part of that community straight away. We want them to feel safe, secure and supported so that they can undertake their learning and pursue their own personal excellence.

We aim for pupils to experience the school and get to know other pupils who will be joining the school with them, well before they start in September. We will visit your child at their primary school and start to get to know them, we will then invite both you and your child into school to meet us and your child’s new tutor and the pupils who will be with them.

There are also some exciting pursuit days and a camp so your child can get a real feel of our small, rural, high achieving school.

Mrs A Wheeler, SENCo

My role is to support pupils who might struggle with their learning in school or have a Special Educational Need or a Disability (SEND). I am excited to get to know you and the adults in your life.

You might not feel quite as excited as me, you might instead be feeling a bit worried about the move to Secondary School. This is not unusual. I think however, that Secondary School is an exciting time with lots of opportunity to discover your strength and abilities. You will get to spend whole lessons exploring your creativity in Music, Drama and Art, your technical skills with food, with wood and plastic, with a computer, and your sporting abilities. This is alongside discovering lots about the world we live in, historically, geographically, and as different individual people, as well as subjects more familiar to you – English, Maths and Science. Together we will work hard to find out the areas that you really enjoy and make you as successful as you can be in our school, achieving the best that you can and being the very best version of you – whatever that is.

I have a team of people that help me in my role and will help you in your learning. You will get many opportunities over the next few months to meet us and spend time with us. There is an exciting programme of events and activities planned to help you get to know us, our school and each other. This should mean that by September you feel as excited as I am about your move to Test Valley School.

I look forward to seeing you very soon.