Test Valley School’s published school policies are made available on this part of the site.

Absence Procedures

Pupils Absent or Late When your son/daughter is absent from school or will be late due to an appointment, missed bus etc. please call on the usual school number and select ‘Option 1’ for the Pupil Absence Voicemail; this is independent of the school switchboard so phone calls can be made at any time of… Read more »

Accessibility Statement

The accessibility plan is discussed and agreed with staff and Governing Body representatives. It is available to all staff and parents in the school and to any prospective applicant. The Governing Body welcomes any comments or contributions to the statement and plan.… Read more »

Admissions Policy (2016-2017)

This policy will apply to all admissions from 1 September 2016, including in-year admissions. It will be used during 2015-16 for allocating places for September 2016 as part of the main admission round for Year 7. Outside the normal admissions round, the authority’s Fair Access protocol may be applied alongside the policy to secure the… Read more »

Admissions Policy (2017-2018)

This policy will apply to all admissions from 1 September 2017, including in-year admissions. It will be used during 2016-17 for allocating places for September 2017 as part of the main admission round for Year 7. Outside the normal admissions round, the authority’s Fair Access protocol may be applied alongside the policy to secure the… Read more »

Admissions Policy (2018-2019)

This policy will apply to all admissions from 1 September 2018, including in-year admissions. It will be used during 2017-18 for allocating places for September 2018 as part of the main admission round for Year 7. Hampshire County Council is the admission authority for Test Valley School. The admission arrangements are determined by the County… Read more »

Anti-Bullying Policy

We are committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all of our pupils so they can learn in a relaxed and secure atmosphere. Bullying of any kind is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in our school. We take all incidents of bullying seriously. Bullying hurts. No-one deserves to be a victim of bullying. Everybody has the right to be treated with respect and pupils who are bullying others need to learn different ways of behaving. Anyone who knows that bullying is happening is expected to tell a member of staff. Pupils will know to do this if they are being bullied and they will know to do this if they see someone else being bullied.… Read more »

Attendance Policy

Pupils need to have good attendance if they are to be academically successful and hence the school aims are realised. Staff and governors at Test Valley School believe that in order for pupils to be successful they need excellent attendance.… Read more »

Charging for Activities

While the school policy recognises that The Education Reform Act 1988 recognises the principle of free school education, charges may be made for certain activities. This means that no compulsory charge will normally be made for an activity which occurs mainly in school hours, nor for any essential materials or equipment used during school hours.… Read more »

Child Protection Policy (Safeguarding Pupils)

Test Valley School fully recognises its moral and statutory responsibilities to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children and will therefore:

Establish and maintain an environment where children feel safe, are encouraged to talk, are listened to and valued; this is underpinned by a culture of openness where both children and adults feel secure and believe that they are being listened to.
Ensure children know that there are adults in the school whom they can approach if they are worried for themselves or about other pupils.
Include opportunities in the PSHE curriculum for children to develop the skills they need to recognise and stay safe from all forms of abuse.… Read more »

Collective Worship

Collective worship is regarded as a meaningful and worthwhile aspect of school life. The pupils are involved in a variety of ways during the week in the morning tutor time. During each week there will be Joint School Assemblies, Year Assemblies and tutor group activities. These reflect the broad traditions of Christian belief but are non-denominational. We set out… Read more »

Free School Meals

Free school meals are available to children whose parents/guardians are in receipt of certain benefits. Hampshire County Council Catering Services (HC3S) has launched a new online service so parents can check their eligibility for free school meals themselves. People who are facing financial hardship could be eligible for a free grant from the British Gas… Read more »

Health and Safety Policy

Statement of Intent It is our policy to carry out our activities in such a way as to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of our employees and all persons likely to be affected by our activities including the general public where appropriate.  We will co-operate and co-ordinate with… Read more »

Home School Agreement

This home-school agreement seeks to clarify what the school is aiming to achieve. It sets out the role of the school, parents and pupils in this vital partnership in your child’s education. The summary points contained in this agreement arise from the more detailed school policies that specify the aims and ethos of the school. … Read more »

Joint Agreement on the Use of Social Networking Sites

The following has been agreed by the schools of the listed below in order to protect and support our pupils and staff. Andover Education Centre Harrow Way Community School John Hanson Community School The Mark Way School Test Valley School Winton Community Academy Social networking sites are an inevitable part of many pupils’ everyday lives.… Read more »

Leave of Absence Policy

Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 have been amended (as of 1st September 2013) to direct the Headteacher of a maintained school to only grant leave of absence to a pupil where an application has been made in advance and the Headteacher considers that there are exceptional circumstances relating to the application. A maximum of 5 days may be approved per school year.… Read more »

Medical Needs Policy

At Test Valley School we are an inclusive community and believe that every child has the right to a good education in accordance with our Equality Policy, this includes children with medical needs, in terms of both physical and mental health. Every child has the right to take a full and active role in school… Read more »

Poor Weather Arrangements

If the weather conditions make it necessary to close the school at short notice details will be posted on the school website as early as possible to inform you. This decision would be made once a risk assessment of the school site is undertaken and local travel conditions known. Details will be posted on www.hants.gov.uk/education/schoolclosures.… Read more »