Charging for Activities

While the school policy recognises that The Education Reform Act 1988 recognises the principle of free school education, charges may be made for certain activities.

This means that no compulsory charge will normally be made for an activity which occurs mainly in school hours, nor for any essential materials or equipment used during school hours. Parents may be asked to make voluntary payments for visits or materials, where, in the case of the materials, they have indicated in advance a wish to own the finished product. Parents will be asked to contribute to the cost of instrumental music tuition unless it is part of a National Curriculum course. A pupil will not be excluded from an activity on the grounds that the parents will not pay. Parents may, however, be informed that a pre-requisite for an activity is that there are sufficient funds available from parents.

The school will levy a charge in the following circumstances:

  • A charge for all board and lodging costs on residential visits, except where students are entitled to statutory remissions
  • A charge for activities wholly or mainly outside school hours which are not part of the National Curriculum, not statutory Religious Education , or not in preparation for a prescribed public examination.
  • There will be no charge for examination entries, except where:
    • The school has not prepared students for the examination in the year for which the entry is made
    • A student has failed, for no good reason, to complete the requirements of the examination or to attend for it.
    • An examination or module test or re-sit is not authorised by the Headteacher
    • A re-mark of an examination or module test paper is requested by a parent and not recommended by the Headteacher
  • A charge for information provided in accordance with section 6 of the School’s Freedom of Information Publication Scheme.
  • If damage to school property occurs as a result of the wilful or negligent behaviour of a child then parents may be asked to pay some or all of the cost of repair or replacement.

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