Test Valley School’s published school policies are made available on this part of the site.

Poor Weather Arrangements

If the weather conditions make it necessary to close the school at short notice details will be posted on the school website as early as possible to inform you. This decision would be made once a risk assessment of the school site is undertaken and local travel conditions known. Details will be posted on www.hants.gov.uk/education/schoolclosures.… Read more »

Pupil Premium Grant

Background The Pupil Premium was introduced in April 2011 and provides additional funding to support pupils who are registered as eligible for free school meals, looked after children and those from families with parents in the armed forces. In April 2012 the Government widened the coverage of the premium to include pupils eligible for free… Read more »

School Uniform

The school uniform policy sets out to encourage a sense of identification with and belonging to the school. We ask for the co-operation of parents to ensure that pupils are suitably dressed and thus represent the school and themselves appropriately. The uniform guidance is clear and the uniform itself is intended to be both practical… Read more »

Social Networking Policy for Pupils

Test Valley School is committed to ensuring that all pupils, staff and governors are aware of their responsibilities in connection with the growing use of social networking sites. It recognises that the use of such sites has become a very significant part of life for most pupils. They provide a positive way to keep in… Read more »

Special Educational Needs

This policy details the arrangements for the identification, assessment, monitoring, support and review of pupils with Special Educational Needs as required by the SEND Code of Practice 2014 (revised January 2015), the Children and Families Act 2014 and Hampshire County Council SEN Support documentation.

What we ask of Parents

We ask that you work closely with us. The home-school liaison agreement is in operation. This indicates the aims of each party to the agreement and the following notes highlight some key points. You can help by ensuring that your child is in the correct uniform has the correct equipment attends regularly (providing notes in… Read more »