School Uniform

At Test Valley School, we believe that  wearing a smart uniform is indicative of a readiness and commitment to learning and that the uniform for our school should reflect the highest of standards and pride in our school.

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From September 2020, our new Year 7 intake will be required to wear our new school uniform, which consists of a blazer, green clip-on tie, white shirt and the new school grey jumper. For boys, there is a requirement to wear the school grey trousers and black socks. For girls, there is the option of school grey trousers or the new school tartan skirt (with black tights or white/black socks). These can be purchased from Skoolkit or Stitch-a-Logo.

For Year 10, from September 2020, they will be required to wear a white shirt, the school green clip-on tie and the new school jumper. Skirt and trousers remain as before — black trousers or black skirt.

For Years 8, 9 and 11, from September 2020, there is no uniform change.

From September 2021, all pupils, except those in Year 11, will be required to wear the new school uniform, including the school blazer.

Please put your child’s name on all uniform and kit.


All pupils are expected to wear black leather shoes. Trainers or pumps are not permitted.

General Equipment

Pupils are expected to have appropriate writing tools including black or blue pens, pencils and erasers, a ruler, a pair of compasses and a protractor.  A suitable resealable drinks bottle, which can be re-filled from the water dispensers by pupils during break and lunchtime is recommended.  From Year 7 onwards pupils will need a scientific calculator.

We ask parents to have belongings clearly marked.