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Medals and Fun for KS1 Pupils

Medals & Fun for KS1 Pupils

Test Valley School hosted their annual Key Stage 1 Movement Festival sponsored by local company Hildon Natural Mineral Water, based in Broughton. The medals were presented to all participants at the end of the event by the VIP guest Debbie Jones, representing Hildon Ltd, and the Young Sports Leaders. ‘Personal Best Education’, a sports coaching… Read more »

Bronze Ambassadors’ Day October 2015

Nominated Ambassador Pupils from our 7 primary feeder schools arrived at the school reception with the expectation of a full and varied day. Three pupils from each school had been selected for this day by their primary school teachers who thought these pupils had the required qualities to make a good Ambassador. The primary school… Read more »

Well Done Medals for KS1 Pupils

Local company Hildon Natural Mineral Water, based in Broughton, sponsored ‘Well Done’ medals at a Key Stage 1 event for local primary schools held at Test Valley School. The medals were presented to all participants at the end of the event. Personal Best education coaching company organised the seven individual activity stations all related to basic… Read more »

‘Storytelling’ Dance at Test Valley School

The Dance Festival was another success for the Young and Sports Leaders and they all lived happily ever after…

Once upon a time…   Once upon a time, in a school far far away, there was a group of Sports Leaders who met every Tuesday lunchtime to plan a dance extravaganza for the seven local primary schools. They worked hard to link the theme to stories and developed the ‘Disney’ type of approach with… Read more »

Young Leaders Help to Lead the Way

Young Leaders help to lead the way

Personal Best Education coaches from Mountbatten School and Year 7 Young Leaders from Test Valley School organised a Key Stage 1 Festival for five of the schools in our local cluster. The coaches organised a movement and multi skills morning for seventy Key Stage 1 pupils and, with the help of the Test Valley Young… Read more »