Weekly Blog

16th January – 20th January

Year 9 Holocaust Trip

On Thursday morning a group of 48 Year 9 pupils had a very early start to travel up to the Beth Shalom Holocaust Memorial Centre in Newark. The group had an introductory talk and video and then split into three groups to visit the Memorial Gardens, the Holocaust exhibition and to undertake a workshop on making choices on how to treat others. After a quick lunch pupils reconvened in the auditorium to hear Mala Tribich speak about her experiences as a child under Hitler’s rule in Germany in the 1930s, her time in the ghetto, the nightmare of being in Bergen Belsen and her liberation. Our pupils asked some excellent and thoughtful questions and came away with a powerful message against prejudice and discrimination.


Youth Speaks Competition 2017

This year we had two teams speaking in the local round of the Rotary Youth Speaks Competition held at Harrow Way School, Andover on Tuesday 17th January. The competition aims to offer young people the opportunity to speak on a public platform as a member of a team. The roles within each team are clearly defined and the main speaker speaks for six minutes on a topic of their choice; a daunting task for many adults, let alone Year 9 and Year 11 pupils.

Our Year 9 team: Abbey Barton (main speaker), Sam Hunt (chairperson) and Issy Henrys (vote of thanks) spoke about the value of reading for pleasure. In a passionate speech entitled “The Great Escape” Abbey encouraged her audience to put down their ipads and iphones and use their eyes to read instead.  Abbey took us on a reading journey and was full of praise for our own well used library here at Test Valley. Our Year 11 team: Charlotte Thorpe (main speaker), Callum Giles (chairperson) and Laura Keane (vote of thanks) spoke about our seeming obsession with mobile phones. Charlotte introduced us to the idea of nomophobia: the fear of being without our phones: yes, it really exists. Charlotte encouraged us to engage with the real world instead of living our lives online and spoke about the impact that our mobile phones can have on our mental health.

Both teams delivered well-constructed speeches with confidence. They clearly engaged their audience and gave us all something to think about. The Senior Team were awarded trophies for Best Chairperson, Best Speaker, Best Proposer of the Vote of Thanks and Overall Winning Team.  This means that the Senior Team will go forward to the next round of the competition which takes place at Test Valley School on Wednesday, 8th February. Well done to all the pupils who took part.  It is always daunting doing something ‘out of your comfort zone’, but these pupils took on the challenge with determination and were a credit to Test Valley School.

Test Valley Sport

This Tuesday was a busy day for the Test Valley Sports Teams. Our Under 16 boys had a friendly game of basketball against Winton Community Academy. Both teams played really well but it was a win for Test Valley with a final score of TV 36 – Winton 6.

Also taking place this week was the Boys Under 12 District Cup football match against Toynbee School. Again, both teams played really well, but Toynbee school had the edge with a final score of TV 2 – Toynbee 4.

Y9 Modern Languages Present to Stockbridge Primary

Faith Marriott, Ella Milligan and Ally Perez-Allen On 16th of January 2017, three Year 9 MFL Leaders visited Stockbridge Primary School to promote the links between our schools and languages for younger pupils. Faith Marriott, Ella Milligan and Ally Perez-Allen planned a one-hour lesson for Year 5 pupils which they headed with confidence. Here is what they thought of this special experience:

“We introduced ourselves in French and the children enjoyed using a variety of resources such as Linguascope, PowerPoint and the flash cards we made, along with the multiple games we had put together based around the topics of family members and pets. Overall it was a very enjoyable day for both teachers and pupils. We are looking forward to our next visit to Stockbridge Primary School in May.”