Weekly Blog

20th March – 24th March

Cooking up a Storm

There were delightful aromas coming from our Food Tech room this week as our Year 9 pupils were experimenting with the use of different spices to make a vegetable curry or a vegetable chilli ready to take home for supper that evening. Mrs Cross said “I am really pleased with the level of maturity these pupils are demonstrating. It is vital that they listen to my instructions as there are hot implements around and equipment that needs to be used with care”.

Comic Relief Day

Each year Test Valley School supports a number of charities.

Non-school uniform is always popular amongst our pupils of which they donate £1 for the privilege. This year we also wanted to raise money by putting on a staff basketball match at lunchtime where spectators can donate for the pleasure of watching the game. The match ended sooner than expected due to a staff injury, but we are pleased to report that the member of staff is okay.

A Volcanic Eruption

As part of the Year 8 Earth science topic they have been studying types and formation of rocks. Most recently they have been they have been learning how volcanoes form igneous rock whose crystal size is determined by the rate of cooling.  When lava cools quickly igneous rocks have small crystals, if it cools underground it has larger crystals. To make this “come to life” for the pupils they had a go at making their own volcano erupt.

Making music….in History

In History his week our Year 8 Pupils were tasked to make a suffragette music video for a song Mr Murdoch-Smith wrote to the tune of “Do you want to build a snowman?” from the film “Frozen”. This was to mark the end of the unit on suffragettes they have been studying for the past few weeks. Every pupil seems to enjoy this task, one of them said “we had lots of fun making the sashes and creating a video, we really like it when history is fun’.

Languages Film Club

This week our Modern Languages department opened up their class room at lunch time for its film club. The chosen film was ‘Harry Potter’ but of course this was not the Harry Potter as we know it as it was played to our pupils in French.

Miss Williams was delighted with the number of pupils that turned up for the showing and their wonderful enthusiasm throughout. Miss Williams said that “Watching a film in another language is a great way for our pupils to develop their listening skills”.

Maths and English Workshops

This week we had 30 Year 5 pupils from our local primary schools to attend Maths and English workshops. The Maths workshop was out of this world! A special alien named “Quincey” showed us how the aliens on his planet count using a base 5 number system – i.e the only digits they use are 0 1 2 3 and 4. This means they do not have the digits 5 6 7 8 and 9! The pupils were a pleasure to teach. They found the work challenging but good fun showing great resilience to what were unusual problems for them to solve.

The English workshop was an imaginative writing masterclass that focused on the skills needed to be a great writer. The Year 5 pupils demonstrated fantastic skills using sophisticated vocabulary, grammar and technical accuracy when writing. One of our Year 7 helpers for the day commented “Yesterday I had an amazing experience with Year 5. I was able to help them in maths and learn something new too! We got to know Year 5 pupils from different schools and see how smart and intelligent they were. I was very proud that I was asked to help”.