Weekly Blog

27th March – 31st March

Buddhist Shrine

This amazing creation is a cake made by Year 7 pupil Josh Cleife as part of his Buddhism Home Learning Task.

Pupils are given a range of home learning tasks to choose from and present in a variety of ways. Josh chose to create a Buddhist shrine and made it entirely out of cake and icing. Josh very kindly shared his cake with other pupils and Mrs Osborne (his RE teacher), at break time one morning and we can confirm that it tastes even better than it looks.

Your Favourite Genre

There are so many different genres out there to explore and our Librarian Miss Needs is trying to encourage pupils to try something new, and not always stick to the ones they know.

Mr Hewson (Learning Support Assistant) is a fan of dystopia — why not come and have a read of some of his recommendations on display in your library now?

Try something a bit different for the Easter holidays!

Getting Ready for Exams

Well done to all those Year 11 pupils who have been attending English revision after school on Mondays. This year pupils will be sitting the new English exams (graded 9-1) and there is a lot to revise including four set texts.

Don’t let your child tell you that you can’t revise for English – you can!

Here are some methods:

  • Produce a character/theme mind-map for a set text
  • Produce a set of revision cards for your set text
  • Draw a plot diagram for your set text
  • Learn quotations from your set text
  • Revise the techniques for different styles of writing
  • Complete timed answers – submit them to your teacher
  • Read online newspaper articles
  • Watch some of the Mr Bruff revision tutorials available on line
  • Attend Easter revision classes at school
  • Revise rules for structure of stories
  • Use GCSEPod to revise punctuation rules
  • Plan a writing response – content and technique

Football Champions

Year 7 Football Team 2016-17This week our Year 7 football team played in the Andover Winchester and Eastleigh final match of the tournament.

Test Valley School was playing against Perins School. Both teams played incredibly well but Test Valley boys had the edge winning the match 4-3.

Jacob Holmes was awarded man of the match. As you can imagine the boys were incredibly proud of themselves. One of them commented:

“Sir, we are going to go down in history”.


Flying Dragon by Madeline NorrisTest Valley’s Year 7 pupils are warming up for their Eisteddfod, which will be taking place on 2nd May. We are expecting a wide range of entries from drama productions, singing, playing musical instruments and even newly formed bands through to recitals.

Photo is Flying Dragon by Madeline Norris. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND.