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3rd April – 7th April

Blue Fusion Event with IBM

Blue Fusion Event with IBMOn Monday, 3rd February 2017 a group of seven Year 9 pupils visited the IBM House in Hursley for a Blue Fusion Event Day. The day started with an introductory talk from staff at IBM and what they do as a job.

Blue Fusion Event with IBMThen our pupils moved onto the IoT workshop – The Internet of Things. In the IoT workshop they had a look at signals that come from space, weather based LED lighting, automatic sensors and turntables which do things where you move about. After the IoT workshop they coded a Raspberry Pi to LED display a tweet they sent it. They programmed it to change colour and added a password. After lunch, they headed to the IBM Security Department where they had a talk from the IBM Security Team. During this a phone call was made by Blue Fusion Bank (this was set up) about their system being hacked. Our pupils then had to do lots of research and activities to find out the cause and be interviewed from a fake news channel where they had to report their findings.

Overall, it was a great and enjoyable day. The pupils would like to thank Mr Holmes for organising the trip and IBM for creating such a great day.

Year 4 Humanities and Sports Workshops

Test Valley School welcomed many Year 4 pupils from our local primary schools to come and experience Humanities and Sports workshops. The day was packed with various activities for the pupils to enjoy, with some help from our Year 9 pupils.

The sports activities were based on enhancing and understanding many important qualities and how we can improve them eg team building, listening to others, trust and self-belief.

In the Humanities workshop pupils were asked to search through contemporary 1851 newspapers which showed the items at the Great Exhibition in Crystal Palace, London. This event was a showcase of modern technology put on by Prince Albert and Queen Victoria. The pupils had to find adverts in the newspapers for items such as beds, curtains, machines and home decorations to receive pictures of the items used in their poster displays called: “What was on show at the Great Exhibition of 1851?” They decorated their posters with lots of items.

Celebration Assemblies

Throughout the last week of term, each year group have a celebration assembly to mark the end of another successful term at Test Valley School. This is to celebrate their success and hard work over the past few months.

Main Hall

The Test Valley Challenge

Test Valley ChallengeThe Test Valley Challenge offers pupils in Year 7, 8 & 9 a set of challenges to achieve: similar to the DofE award but set at an age related level as these children are younger. This is unique to Test Valley School and is designed to get children actively involved our pupils in a range of extra-curricular opportunities. The Test Valley Challenge runs throughout the year and the achievements will be celebrated in July.

Table Tennis Champions

Annabel Anderson, Oliver Middleton and Alex Dennis — table tennis champions

Annabel Anderson, Oliver Middleton and Alex Dennis — table tennis champions

Test Valley School are very proud of Annabel Anderson, Alex Dennis and Oliver Middleton who won the table tennis tournament in the Andover Advertiser Table Tennis Final. Congratulations to them!