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15th May – 19th May

Breaking Records with Revision

Test Valley pupils have been making the most of a fantastic online revision resource called GCSEPod.

The resource enables pupils to access short podcasts to support their revision in most of their subjects.  In the last year our pupils have streamed or downloaded a grand total of 18,800 podcasts which is phenomenal!

Numbers are likely to rise still further over the next few weeks now that the GCSE exams are fully underway. Although the service is aimed at Year 10 and 11 pupils it is available to all pupils in the school.

It can be accessed free of charge by logging on to www.gcsepod.com.  Accounts are quick and easy to activate and then pupils can start to enjoy the full benefits of the revision service. Any queries can be directed to Mr Page who will help pupils to access their accounts. Good luck to all of our pupils who have exams over the next few weeks.

Y7 Test Valley Talent

Y7 Test Valley TalentDuring our Year 7 Learn-to-Learn programme we held an “Eisteddfod” competition.

The Eisteddfod comprises of entries from Drama, Dance, Literature and Music categories, givY7 Test Valley Talenting pupils an opportunity to perform in front of their peers and show off their talents.

It was evident that many pupils worked very hard in preparation for this event and a surprising array of talent was shared. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Miss Williams for her judging — this was clearly a challenge due to the high quality of performances!

We are now looking forward to pupils taking opportunities to perform their talents in future celebration assemblies and StockFest.

Y7 Test Valley TalentY7 Test Valley Talent

Pupil Council Event

On Tuesday morning, Test Valley School had the pleasure of welcoming 30 pupils from five of our local primary schools, when they hosted the annual Pupil Council Cluster Event.

The pupils who attended are all part of Pupil Council within their own schools.  The pupils worked in groups along with Test Valley Pupil Council members to explore who the stakeholders of a school are and come up with ways to communicate the work of Pupil Council to these particular groups of people.

Ben Howarth (7S) said:

‘I thought it was very interesting to hear from about what other schools Pupil Council are doing’.  

All the pupils worked wonderfully together.  The Test Valley pupils decided to share their experience of secondary school with the primary school pupils, the younger pupils really enjoyed this and asked many questions about different aspects of school life.

They were excited to know Test Valley had a swimming pool and very eager to see it.  A very big thank you and well done to everyone who participated in this event.  We have already started planning for next year.

A Trip to the Theatre

The Woman in Black at the Nuffield TheatreThe Woman in Black is Back!

If you enjoy a mixture of laughter, ear-piercing screams and sudden appearances of long-dead pale-faced ladies then last Tuesday evening production of The Woman in Black at Southampton‘s Nuffield Theatre was the place for you! 44 English and Drama pupils and staff from Test Valley thoroughly enjoyed themselves. No-one had nightmares that night — or if they did, they are keeping very quiet about it!