Weekly Blog

29th May – 2nd June

Farewell to Test Valley’s Year 11 pupils

On the last day of term Test Valley said a formal farewell to our Year 11 Pupils as they depart for study leave. The day was full of mixed emotions for all. There was a buzz of excitement in the air for what the future may hold, but there were also many tears from pupils as they said goodbye to friends and staff. To finish the day, they attended their leavers’ assembly taken by Mr Murdoch-Smith (Year 11 Coordinator). Awards and prizes were given, many memories were shared and presentations were shown to remember and celebrate their time at Test Valley.






Last week our Year 10 RE pupils were busy making Mandalas. They started off looking at this Buddhist form of meditation and then they sat and created their own. The atmosphere was incredibly calm and quiet whilst they all concentrated on this ancient technique. In the second half of the lesson some pupils used chalk pens to create their own mandala patterns on the windows.

Primary School Rounders

Many of the local primary schools took part in this year’s Rounders competition held on Thursday 25th May with the Year 7 Young Leaders from Test Valley helping to host the event. It was a great success helped by the extremely good weather conditions. The bottom field was an excellent venue for this as all three pitches were close together making the spectators able to see all three games taking place. The winners were Stockbridge Primary School closely followed by last year’s winners Broughton School. Well done to all competitors and helpers.

Masters at Golf

All seven local primary schools competed in the Tri-golf challenge at Broughton Primary School on the 7th June 2017. Year 7 Young Sports Leaders helped with the team scoring and watched as the Year 3 and 4 Primary School pupils developed their basic golf skills with various challenges, including ‘reach the target’ and ‘driving range’. Broughton Leaders helped with the demonstrations showing the Year 3 and 4 pupils how to do the necessary techniques to improve the swing. Well done to all the schools for completing the challenges especially King’s Somborne Primary School who won their first ‘Masters’.

Bake off

The Year 9 Bake Off Competition is still going strong with pupils baking cakes around the theme of ‘school’. Pupils have Fridays until 30th June to bake a cake in the theme for their tutor group with tutors having the challenge of choosing the best ones to go forward to the year group final just before our Activities Week.

This masterpiece was created by Andreea Hagiu in 9A.