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12th June – 16th June

Science and Technology Day

This week we saw the return of our Science and Technology day (previously known as Rocket Day) for our local primary schools.

There was a total of seventy four Year 4 pupils taking part in various exciting activities. Pupils were divided into two groups for the activities. The technology activity was to make their own wooden rockets and then launch the rockets to see which would fly the furthest and highest.

Science and Technology DayIn the Science Department they had to create a protective casing for an egg. These were then dropped from a height to see which casing was the best. Let’s just say that they had a cracking time!

The Maths Challenge Continues

As part of the Test Valley Challenge, the Maths department have put together a series of Maths Challenges for both pupils and staff to participate in. These appear on a fortnightly basis and can be entered by individuals. Key Stage 4 pupils are encouraged to participate as well and will get the same achievement points as Key Stage 3 pupils.

For a bit of fun, why not have a go yourself…


Humanities Blog

Humanities blogWithin Humanities, we have very recently launched our very own blog for all Test Valley pupils to access.

This will be exploring the amazing world we live in looking at the role we play and where Geography, History and RE fit in. Over the coming weeks pupils will be given the opportunity to write articles for the blogsite on areas they find interesting, trips they have been involved in and what exciting things are happening in their lessons. The world is an ever changing place and the blog is an opportunity to keep pace with all the changes!


Y10 Boys Build Cart for Local Preschool

Winterslow Preschool logo

Tom Wedgbury, Dylan Bravery and Ian Moody led the way, assisted by Jordan Brown and Tom Blow, in constructing a cart for Winterslow Preschool. The purpose of the cart was to provide the preschool children with a means of transport for their entry into the procession element of this year’s village fair. The preschool children have been busy making items to decorate the cart and will dress up as butterflies, caterpillars and moths to fit with this year’s theme of endangered species.

For the first time this year the preschool children will not have to walk all the way in the procession which usually wears them out by the time they have arrived at the fair — their parents will be required to do the pushing and pulling!

Much of the construction from this enthusiastic bunch of boys took place in their lunch times and the boys gained a wealth of engineering experiences such as turning metal on a lathe and forging metal along with the challenges of measuring, cutting, drilling and fitting.

Four Weeks to Go

Test Valley Challenge

Our Key Stage Three pupils have been working hard all year to complete the Test Valley Challenge and now there are only four weeks to go until prizes are awarded… keep up the good work!