Weekly Blog

19th June – 23rd June


On Wednesday 21st June Mrs Osborne and Miss Attree spent a very thought provoking training day at Auschwitz in Poland funded for 250 teachers from around the country, learning about the Holocaust and how to improve teaching about the Holocaust in schools.

The trip involved a visit to both Auschwitz One and Auschwitz Birkenau with the Holocaust Educational Trust. It also included short talks by a rabbi, guided tours around both sites and a memorial service. Overall, the day highlighted the need to tackle discrimination in schools and the importance of promoting inclusion and acceptance of everyone, whatever their religion, ethnicity, colour, gender or status. They look forward to bringing the outcomes of this day into their teaching.



Flower Festival

Each year, Test Valley School take part in the Stockbridge Flower Festival.

At this event, members of the local community display flowers all based around a common theme. This year the theme was based on “Through Time”. Test Valley produced a beautiful display om “Test Valley School through time”. Many thanks to Mrs Tucker and Miss Williams who did a remarkable job.


First Aid Training

First AidLast week nine members of staff completed or updated their Emergency First Aid at work course. This was two days on intensive training to ensure as many of our staff as possible are qualified.

Bake Off Continues

The Test Valley Bake Off continues. Pupils from Year 9 are producing some beautiful cakes each week. This week Charlotte Bulpitt produced a beautiful Victoria sandwich cake with a Test Valley twist.


Primary Athletics

Primary School Athletics at Kings' Somborne Recreation GroundThe Annual Area Athletics took place at King’s Somborne Recreation Ground on Monday 19th June in temperatures over 27 degrees. Despite the hot conditions the pupils performed to a very high level and achieved some excellent results both track and field. The Young Sports Leaders were given instructions regarding the scoring and competition format. They were then able to record the necessary results for each competitor. Every athlete had to complete 3 field events (long jump, over arm throw and a chest push) as well as 2 track events which included two sprints. Due to the weather the 300m race became a ‘fun’ run for those that wanted to have a go but was not recorded. Our Young Sports Leaders Year 7 and 8 did a fantastic job on all the disciplines and were praised by the coaching company who had organised the competition.

Primary School Athletics at Kings' Somborne Recreation GroundScores were totalled for each year group (Years 3 / 4 / 5 and 6) and points allocated according to the best performance of each athlete. The top 3 team scores were very close as the team with the lowest score would be the winner.

Scores of the top 3:

Broughton 1st 286 points
Wherwell 2nd 301 points
Wallop 3rd 303 points