Weekly Blog

18th September – 22nd September

Sharing Adventures

On Monday 18th September, Year 10 welcomed two visitors to one of their MFL lessons. Mr Nigel Melville (MFL link governor) introduced his brother Mr Lionel Melville who came in to talk about his experiences of working abroad. Mr Melville spent two years working with the V.S.O on a community development project in Ethiopia after leaving school. This motivated him to train as a teacher and return to Ethiopia for 15 years to teach at a mixed local and international school. He has spent the past 35 years in Papua New Guinea and was awarded an M.B.E. for services to the country’s education and development.

Year 10 were grateful to Mr Melville for taking time out of his visit back to England to come and talk to them. Miss Williams (Head of Modern Languages) said:

“It was wonderful for pupils to hear about his adventures and the possibilities that the world has to offer. I hope that it has inspired many of them to look for these adventures themselves”.

Year 7 Sporty Challenge

Year 7 Sporty ChallengeOn Tuesday 19th September Year 7 took part in a Sporty Challenge event related to their Learn to Learn programme. All Year 7 pupils took part in a fully inclusive range of fun sporting activities with a competitive edge. The weather was glorious and there was lots of cheering and clapping. Mr Hill led the activities supported by a fantastic team of Sports Leaders from Year 9. A great day for Year 7 which can only help to strengthen relationships and emphasise the fun in learning.

Year 7 Drama Lessons

During Drama lessons this week, Year 7 have been building up a basic set of skills using their memories. So far we have recreated family and school memories using freeze frames which require good focus, facial expressions and body language. Every lesson the group who have best achieved the set aim receive achievement points. They can also be awarded for good teamwork skills shown in rehearsals. The next activity will be to start adding movement to their work using mime skills to recreate playground memories and then we add their voices to help show the emotion of their characters. So far all of the Year 7 pupils have joined in fully and are building up their confidence in this subject.