Weekly Blog

25th September – 29th September

Test Valley Open Events

It has been a very busy time at Test Valley recently as we welcomed potential new pupils and their parents to our school for a number of open events.

Monday 25th September was a very busy Open Evening with a high number attending. It started with an introduction by Miss Hiscock (Headteacher) and speeches from our Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl.  Families then had the opportunity to tour the school with a prefect to guide them. This was a wonderful experience for the children and their parents to see what Test Valley has to offer.  There was a range of activities going on in every subject area for all to get involved in and find out more about. In Modern Languages, for example, there were language quizzes to be done and German delights to be tasted, whilst in PE there was the opportunity to try a number of sports including trampolining and badminton. In RE some interesting questions were being explored such as ‘does God exist?’ and ‘what makes us human?’ using Cecil the skeleton as a fun way of engaging the children.  In Maths there was a “Day at the races” activity. Each child was given a Test Valley Passport to take around the school with them to get stamped in each subject area before returning to ‘Passport Control’ at the end.

Our Open Mornings were also very busy and we were delighted to greet large numbers of parents and their children. After a musical introduction and welcome speeches families were taken on a tour of the school with our prefects and able to experience a typical day in the life of Test Valley by dropping into lessons around the school. We were very pleased to receive positive feedback from those who joined us for these visits.

European Day of Languages

European Day of LanguagesOn Tuesday 26th September we celebrated European Day of Languages at Test Valley School. The pupils enjoyed greeting each other and their teachers in a different language whilst staff across the school we also very good at their greetings in a wide variety of different languages. Some even put their dates in a different language on the board! At lunchtime the pupils had the opportunity to create the tallest leaning tower of Jenga, as well as watch ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ in French. There was also an Italian lesson for pupils and they enjoyed learning a new language. We would like to thank all the staff and pupils for making the day such a success!

Having a Blast in Science

Having a blast in ScienceHaving a blast in ScienceYear 9 have been having lots of fun in science this week launching their own rockets. They made the rockets themselves before preparing them for take-off. The idea was to design their own rockets to test out their own hypothesis, practicing how to design their own successful experiments. Once the rockets had been launched outside the pupils had to write up their results, explaining what had happened and why they think they got the results they did.