Weekly Blog

2nd October – 6th October

Year 7 Geography

This week in Geography Year 7 spent time investigating ‘The Distribution of Tropical Rainforests’.  The pupils used an atlas to help them identify and plot where the Equator, Tropic of Capricorn and Tropic of Cancer are before they located the tropical rainforests.  Pupils worked hard to produce superb maps showing their locations before considering why the tropical rainforests are in particular areas of the world. They are looking forward to exploring the climate of the rainforests next week.


Launch of Year 10 Work Experience Programme

Work Experience programmeThis week our Year 10 pupils had an introduction to our Work Experience programme. This involves pupils undertaking a week long placement in the work place during the Summer Term.

We encourage all pupils in Year 10 to become involved because we believe this provides a unique opportunity to experience life in a typical work place. Many return inspired by a taste of life in the ‘real world’ of work and even more determined to do well in their GCSEs to access the career route they have chosen. A few come back equally determined because they realise how much harder they will need to work, having changed their minds about what they want to do or having had opened their eyes to other possibilities. All come back having practised the skills so important in the work place, including the ability to work as part of a team as much as work independently.

It was an informative launch assembly providing them with information they would need to take part. Pupils were also given a letter and booklet with more information in for themselves and their parents. This will be followed up with a workshop at the Year 10 Parents’ Information Evening on the 2nd November

Year 7 Aspire (Learn to Learn)

In Aspire lessons this week Year 7 have begun to build up their ‘learning skills toolkit’.

In one group they learnt what a mind map was and how this can be a very useful learning tool.  The pupils spent some time designing a mind map about themselves, during this time they had the opportunity to choose a style of mind map they were comfortable with and decide what information they wanted to include.  Here are some of their mind maps created during the lesson.