Weekly Blog

6th November – 10th November

A ‘Cracking Time’ in Science

Pupils have been learning about “force” with Mr Holmes in Science lessons over the last few weeks. Pupils have been designing landing pods to safely land ‘eggstronaughts’ when released at height from the Science balcony.  Pupils came up with a variety of different designs, many successfully ensuring a safe landing for the egg inside its pod.

Chess Club

Test Valley School Chess Club is a new departure this year. Initially started as a club for the new Year 7 pupils it has already drawn interest and participation from pupils from other years as well as staff. Last half term pupils played each other in a series of ‘friendly’ games, but this half term league matches have begun with the eventual league winner receiving the long dormant ‘Test Valley School Chess Champion Trophy’. The standard of play has been strong so far with some tight matches. Later in the year the club will feature a series of ‘blitz’ matches with each player only having three minutes to complete their moves.

Charity Work Undertaken by Pupils

On Wednesday 8th November pupils were invited to listen to a talk by Oliver Taylor in Year 10. Oliver spent a month of the summer holidays working with the Scouts in Tanzania building a campsite. Before he went he spent over a year raising funds to be able to go as well as having to complete various challenges to prove he was up to the job! Oliver spoke very well about this opportunity and the pupils who came along asked lots of insightful questions. Mr Hill highlighted that volunteering and giving time to others was such a valuable life experience.

Walking, Talking Maths Revision

Last Thursday saw the return of the “Walking Talking” mock exam at Test Valley School.

All Year 11 pupils were able to experience how to achieve 100% in a real GCSE Maths exam. The twist was that Mr Whatley or Mrs Luckham were doing the test alongside them: explaining how to answer questions, show workings and picking out key points and exam techniques to use in their answers. This means that all pupils have now had a positive experience of a GCSE exam before their mock exams start. We are all very aware of the increased level of challenge that the new 9-1 curriculum has brought and this is another example of how the maths department continues to explore innovative ways to make learning maths relevant and engaging to ensure all learners are able to succeed.