Weekly Blog

13th November – 17th November

Learning about Hinduism in RE

Learning about Hinduism in Y7Pupils in Year 7 are studying a unit on Hinduism. The game of snakes and ladders (Moksha Chitram) was invented in India to teach children about the cycle of life and karma. It teaches that good actions lead to good consequences and the opposite for bad actions. Pupils in 7G are shown working hard to create their own Moksha Chitram boards complete with deeds leading to good and bad karma.

A Taste of Italy in GCSE Food Nutrition Lessons

PastaPastaOver the last few weeks our Year 10 pupils studying GCSE Food Nutrition have been learning about various nutrients and more recently focusing on carbohydrates. The theory work covered is then supported by a food practical lesson to engage and help pupils understand the theory work in more detail. This week, to support their carbohydrate theory work, pupils were making their own fresh pasta. They were allowed to create a fresh pasta dish of their choosing (be it ravioli, tagliatelle or spaghetti) to be accompanied by a filling or a sauce.

Learning about God and Creation in RE Lessons

Year 11 are looking at the nature of God and creation during their RE lessons. Their starter task on Friday was to create a creature from plasticine. They then linked this to being responsible for their creation and setting rules for how they should be treated. The group went on to look at the creation story in the Bible Here Joe Brown and Megan Ward show off their creations.

Children in Need Fundraising

Children in Need Cake SaleWe have a dedicated Year 11 Charity Committee who have been working really hard to raise as much money as possible for Children in Need this year.  Activities included a popular non-school uniform day, a cake sale and, for something a little different, staff took part in a ‘lip sync battle’ for pupils to come and watch for a donation to the fundraising. As you can imagine this is very popular with pupils. The staff too seemed excited to get involved. The line-up was:

  • “Test Valley Spice”, performed by: Mrs Stubbs, Miss Williams, Mr Hill, Mrs Leyman and Mrs Vaughan
  • Mr Allon did a solo performance
  • Mrs De Nitto and Ms March donned Wellington boots for a themed performance
  • Mr Whatley, Mrs McAllister, Mrs Benn and Mrs Luckham demonstrated the Mathematics team’s “street smarts


The worthy winners were “Test Valley Spice”! This year a record-breaking amount of at least £1088 was raised by pupils and staff.