Weekly Blog

22nd January – 26th January

A Pupil’s Perspective

In a recent blog entry, we reported on our whole school PSHE Day. One of our Year 7 pupils wanted to share his experience of the day:

‘We were looking at the jobs we wanted to do. At the start of the day we all looked at what job we wanted to do right then. The teacher gave us a sheet with planets on it and each planet represented a career. I found it unbelievable at how many jobs I had never heard of.  Most of us found that we had one or two in mind that we wanted to follow for the rest of our lives. It was also interesting to find out about all the careers my friends want to do. Later in the day each of us looked at jobs we had chosen again and realised that there was a much wider range. I had started with one job that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I came back with five or six – all completely different. I think this day made a very big difference to everyone’s career plans. I found that I was quite interested when listening to what people thought about the different job ideas. Some people seemed to think the same as me and others the complete opposite.’

Andover College Interviews

Over the past week our Year 11 pupils have been attending interviews for a place at Andover College once they have completed their journey here at Test Valley. Many of the staff from Andover College complimented our pupils on their exceptional behaviour and for the way they conducted themselves throughout the interview process. Interviews for other sixth form providers, including Sparsholt College, have already taken place.

Library Time

We are very proud of our library here at Test Valley School and it is always good to see pupils using it in both lesson time and their free time at break and lunch times.

During English, pupils spend some lesson time in the library where they were asked to read a book of their choosing to foster an enjoyment of reading.

Mr Williams said:

“All pupils are required to have a reading book during English lessons and have regular library lessons. The new curriculum is very reading focused so this is a valuable activity.”

In addition, this week the library launched its very own reading club where pupils can come and discuss a chosen book. This takes place every Wednesday lunch time and no doubt will be very popular with pupils.

The Existence of God and Revelation

This week GCSE RE pupils started a new topic on The Existence of God and Revelation. Pupils considered the Cosmological (First Cause) argument for the existence of God, followed by the Teleological (Design) argument. In the picture, Jamie Evans is attempting to tie a string into a knot without using his thumbs. This was a starter activity to promote discussion on Sir Isaac Newton’s theory that God must exist because all humans have a unique thumb and God designed each human being different.