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29th January – 2nd February

Year 7 Green Global Challenge

As part of the Learn to Learn programme, Year 7 were introduced to their latest topic ‘Green Global Challenge’ as a whole year group with staff team teaching the lead in activity. Year 7 are currently working in small groups to research and present a fully costed idea to reduce one of the school’s utility bills. This introductory session raised awareness of the different types of utilities used in the school and where each is used. We are looking forward to the range of project ideas teams will propose. The best suggestion from each tutor group will go through to a head-to-head activity to choose the very best idea for the school to possibly consider further.

MFL Master-Class for Year 5 Pupils

MFL Master-Class for Year 5 PupilsOn Wednesday 31st January the MFL team welcomed 66 pupils from five of our local primary schools for a masterclass morning. Pupils were treated to two fun and interactive language sessions which gave them an opportunity to see what MFL lessons are like at secondary school. Mrs Dover, Mrs Knight and Mrs Thomas were helped by six Year 9 pupils who did a fantastic job. Miss Williams would like to thank her team, as well as Rory, Milena, Sydney, Bob, Libby and Sophie, for all their hard work.

A pupil from Wherwell Primary School said:

“I had the best fun learning new languages and the activities were amazing!”

Mrs Rhodes, Headteacher of Braishfield Primary School said:

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your colleagues for hosting our Year 5 children today. I had lots of really positive comments from them – they clearly got lots out of it. Hopefully inspired some budding linguists for the future!”

Here is a write up from our pupils and some photographs:

Sydney, Milena and Rory helped Mrs Dover host the Year 5 Spanish class:

‘We were helping them with the activities they had to complete. We went round the classroom and made sure they understood what they had to do. When they answered a question we would give them a star to show they did well. Milena had to read out numbers in Spanish so the children could play bingo. We handed out little booklets, pens and colouring pencils and helped them complete the tasks in the booklet. We all sang ‘Old MacDonald had a Farm’ in Spanish and they learnt some of the words for colours, numbers and animals in Spanish.

‘An hour later it was the end of their Spanish lesson so we handed out some juice and biscuits before it was time for them to go to their Italian lesson and another class joined us to do it all over again! We all really enjoyed this and would be happy to do it again’.

Libby, Sophie and Bob helped Mrs Knight host the Year 5 Italian class:

We started off by getting to know the Year 5 pupils and they practised how to say what the weather is in Italian using actions. It was interesting to find out what the younger pupils are capable of. We went round helping them if they needed help and if theywere a little stuck we would tell them to remember the actions we used when we learnt how to say the weather. Then we went on to practise the compass points in Italian and they could make up their own news report about the weather in Italy. They took turns performing their weather forecasts in costumes.

‘After all that happened we brought in some biscuits and squash and they loved it. We did it the second time with the other class and they were just as good as the first half. We would love to do it again’.

MFL Master-Class for Year 5 Pupils

Explore Human Rights Through Fiction

This week our School Librarian Miss Needs attended an Amnesty International Forum which was arranged by the School Library Service. The forum was exploring Human Rights through fiction and how Amnesty supports Education.

Miss Needs quoted:

“I came away with lots of fabulous display materials and I will be updating the notice board in the Library to showcase it”.

Amnesty provide all schools with free resources and provide training and professional development for teachers.

What’s Been Going on in PE?

GymnasticsThis week was a bit of a balancing act with Mr Hill in PE lessons. Pupils were asked to help each other in gymnastics to hold, balance and support each other. This was to help them understand the importance of team work but to also learn about some of the core elements involved in Gymnastics.