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5th February – 9th February

Test Valley Production: ‘Wendy and Peter’

Peter Pan & Wendy

Every year it gets harder and harder to top the previous school play. This year it was time for a well-known storyline which increased the pressure due to its high expectations. Peter Pan & Wendy

This was a risky choice as it is a well-known production and many parts for extras to be filled but it was a risk that paid off. Every pupil involved wasfully committed, focused and professional. The play was showing for two consecutive nights, both of which were fully packed with support from family, friends, staff and the wider community.

The feedback from all was very positive and the play was a tremendous success. Clare Stubbs (Subject Leader in Drama) said:

“I feel so lucky to be working in a school where Drama is valued for the amazing subject it is and what it offers to so many pupils of all abilities”.

One of our Year 11 pupils, Lucy Greenwood, alPeter Pan & Wendyso commented

“As it was my last opportunity to perform at Test Valley I was delighted to be given the leading role of Wendy in the school production. Though balancing my GCSEs and learning lines was difficult, it was an amazing experience to be able to work closely with Mrs Stubbs, the cast and the crew. Collectively they made it all worth the nerves and pre-show panic as everyone worked so hard to make the performance the best it could be. A few rehearsals did not go quite to plan but fortunately it all came together for the final show! I loved the whole journey and the people I shared the experience with”.

St Valentine’s Day in French

Last week during their French lessons 7A created Valentine’s Day cards. They were beautifully decorated with French messages of love inside and out. The pupils then took them home to share. Joyeuse Saint Valentin!

Baking the Perfect Swiss Roll

Swiss rollsSwiss rollsThere were wonderful smells from the ROSLA building this week as pupils were busy making Swiss rolls to take home and enjoy. Judging from the smiles on everyone’s faces this was a thoroughly enjoyable lesson and the results speak for themselves. Mrs Grubb who supports in this subject said

“it was a delightful lesson, pupils followed instructions carefully and also managed to keep their preparation areas very tidy”.

Lots Going On in Our Library

World Book Day

World Book Day is fast approaching on 1st March.  Test Valley School will be celebrating by running a quiz and a book token design competition at lunch time.

Pupils also need to get down to the library during their lunchbreaks between Monday 19th and Friday 23rd March for a spectacular book sale. This sale applies to both fiction and non-fictions books at bargain prices, costing only 50p for hard back covers and 20p for paper backs. There will be something for everyone to choose from!