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4th June – 8th June

Our Year 9 Linguists

Our Year 9 LinguistsOn Monday 4 June three of our Year 9 pupils, Rory Pharoah, Cerys Hotchkiss, and Kevani Bhoodhoo visited Stockbridge Primary School with Mrs Dover to lead activities in French with a group of Years 4 and 5 pupils. They organised their own sequence of activities and resources based on activities that they have enjoyed in their own MFL lessons. They taught pupils key vocabulary about families and pets. The activities were very exciting and active and kept pupils interested for the whole hour. Here are some of the thoughts our talented linguists had on their MFL teaching experience:

“We were amazed by the level of enthusiasm they had and it was a lovely atmosphere to be in. We enjoyed teaching them and it was a wonderful experience. We spent a long time working on our activities and we are glad it went well”.

“The pupils were amazing. They were well mannered, kind and they followed our instructions. They asked for help whenever they needed it and were a lovely class to teach. All of us learned a lot about teaching and how much fun it can be and how much work needs to go into it. It was fantastic teaching them what they wanted to know and it was a splendid experience”.

Creative Forces Day

Creative Forces Day

On TCreative Forces Dayuesday June 5th eight of our Services Families pupils went to the University of Winchester to celebrate Creative Forces Day with Ms Attree.  The pupils had lovely time exploring the university and taking part in seminars.  During the day the pupils attended a workshop on archaeology where they had to compete against each other to build a skeleton, The pupils also had the opportunity to meet other children from a services background who attend other schools in the Hampshire area. They all worked together to come up with ideas of how their schools could help and support services pupils.

Ms Attree commented

‘their ideas were excellent, many of which I will be looking in to.  This was a lovely experience for the pupils and we are looking forward to attending again next year’.

Creative Forces Day


Year 9 Holocaust Webcast

A number of Year 9 pupils have been taking part in a project called Stories from Willesden Lane. So far they have read a novel about the life of a girl called Lisa who was a Kindertransport refugee sent by her family to the UK from Austria for safety during the Holocaust. This week pupils had the opportunity to hear the first-hand testimony of a Kindertransport refugee. Harry Bibring came to the UK as a Kindertransport refugee from Vienna, when he was just 13 years old. Harry talked about his family life in Vienna, his memories of Jewish persecution, Kristallnacht and life as a refugee when he arrived in England.  Harry’s testimony was extremely interesting and inspiring to hear.  Harry hopes that delivery of his story will encourage the younger generation to love one another and not discriminate against anyone.

The final part of the project will see the pupils attending a performance of the Stories from Willesden Lane’ in London next month.  The pupils are thoroughly looking forward to this.

Year 10 Science Experiment

Year 10 Science ExperimentOver the past few weeks Year 10 pupils have been studying the reactivity of various metals when they come into contact with water, looking at different aspects of the reaction such as what gasses are produced and the physical changes to metals. This week it was to conduct a practical experiment to find out if the theory behind it is proven. The experiment turned out to be fairly reactive which captured pupils’ attention and their positive participation in the experiment was to be commended.