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9th July – 13th July

Hats Off to Lessons on Money!

Hats off to lessons on money!PupilHats off to lessons on money!s in Year 9 Maths lessons have been learning about finance in the last few weeks of term. We think it is important for pupils to learn about how to manage money before they leave school. Here are pupils from 9S enjoying the “Cats Bats Hats” activity. This involved pupils being divided into “buyers” and “sellers”. Each buyer started with £70 and had to buy three items as cheaply as possible. Each seller had 10 of the same item to sell – one was selling bats, two were selling cats and 4 selling hats. As the bartering progressed pupils quickly realised that there were few bats but loads of hats, so the prices rose and dropped accordingly. All pupils had a better understanding of supply and demand (and in one instance false advertising!) in an interactive and exciting way.

Hats off to lessons on money!

Our Day at Peter Symonds College

At the end of June, our ‘Rising 9s’ group (Year 10 pupils who are predicted at least one GCSE grade 9) travelled to Peter Symonds for a PPE day. This was a day wholly comprised of politics, philosophy and economics.

Peter Symonds College in Winchester has the largest philosophical department in the country.

We were divided up into three groups to learn and also to enable us to work with pupils from other local schools. We participated in many debates which allowed us to question other peoples’ opinions and our own.

In Philosophy we made mind maps of social and ethical questions such as discussing the death penalty and its use in American laws. We also discussed how racism and prejudice affects sentences of criminals in other countries and our own. We were asked how we view ‘moral life’ and given philosophical concepts and theories that challenged our opinions. In conclusion, we theorised that living a moral life is doing what you believe is kind to others and voicing your opinion as long as it does not hurt others physically or mentally.

Politics was a real eye opener to the polarising debates and theories of how government decisions affect our society. The main focus was on Brexit and how, if we had the opportunity, we would change government policies for the better. We took an open test to see where we stand on the political spectrum and to help our understanding. We also created our own political parties to see how persuasive our strategies could be on society.

The study of Economics is a social science concerning world worth and country trading. For this, we took part in a practical event where we were each given resources depending on the country we represented. This showed that different factors play a vital part in a countries’ worth and poverty.

At the end of a day we participated in a question and answer exercise to test our knowledge on our data security. For instance, the fact that terms and conditions are pasted in small print but that ingredients in food may be bold and defined. We argued whether it was our fault for not reading what was given to us or the companies fault for making it hard to read.

A big thank you to all the staff and volunteers who allowed us learn about PPE. We are grateful for the experience and hope to return in the future!

Activities Week

Last week saw the return of our annual activities week. This included residential trips to France and central Europe as well as non-residential activities to join in and out of school.

Pupils on the residential trip to France spent an exciting week at Château Du Baffy, this is an education and language centre situated in Calvados in Normandy. This is between Caen and Bayeux and only 4 miles from the seaside resort of Courseulles-sur-Mer. The chateau is set in two acres of parkland. The facilities include: classrooms, an entertainment hall, 5 a-side football pitch and petanque. Pupils also had the opportunity to take part in evening activities such as quiz night, sports night, treasure hunt, fancy dress and disco. Excursions included the D-Day Museum in Arromanches, the Bayeux Tapestry, Cerza Zoo as well as local towns and street markets. All the pupils had a fantastic time and staff at the Château du Baffy commented on how well behaved our pupils were.

Activities Week 2018 Activities Week 2018 Activities Week 2018 Activities Week 2018 Activities Week 2018 Activities Week 2018

The Central Europe trip for pupils also went very well with many interesting and educational visits. This included two and a half days in Krakow visiting historic sites connected to the Holocaust, such as Auschwitz and the Jewish quarter of Krakow, followed by a Klesmer evening of Jewish food and music, a one day walking tour of Prague visiting the royal palace, cathedral and Pinkas Synagogue and two days in Berlin visiting historic sites connected to World War Two and the Cold War. Pupils and staff had lots of fun and visited many new places they had never been to before.

There was also an abundance of choice for those pupils based back in school including ‘land and water week’, horse riding, creative workshops, bushcraft, fishing, sports, street dance, tree runners, ‘bake off day’ and geo-caching.

Activities Week 2018Activities Week 2018Activities Week 2018