Weekly Blog

25th March – 29th March

English Presentations

Year 10 have recently delivered individual presentations to their class as part of their GCSE English course. 

The highest achievers in each class were invited to present to the whole year group. Presentations ranged from Freddie Mercury and Muhammad Ali to a good cup of tea. The standard of work was excellent and the pupils should feel proud of their achievements!

The winning three presentations were:

Aimee Ventham: ‘The start of the Education System’ (first)

James Ashley: ‘Communism’ (second)

Bobby Turpin: ‘Everyday Heroes’ (third)

Well done Year 10!

Mrs C Gibbs

New Additions

Year 7 pupils have had the privilege of helping our new chicks acclimatise to the school environment.  The pupils have been learning about the life cycle and being able to watch the eggs hatch into these adorable chicks has been very educational and exciting.  Getting the chicks used to being handled is an essential part of their transition into school life.  Once they are fully grown, they will be free to roam wherever they like!

New Additions

Theatre Trip

On Saturday 16th March, Mrs Stubbs took a group of year 9-11 pupils to the Theatre Royal in Winchester to see Charlotte Keatley’s ‘My Mother Said I Never Should’ – a play following 3 generations of women in a family and the immense social changes that affect their lives. The pupils were extremely impressed at the high level of acting displayed by all four actors and the emotions that were expressed to the audience. Mrs Stubbs was also very impressed at the respectful way in which our Test Valley pupils conducted themselves in the theatre.