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Prospectus image -- ScienceTest Valley School is a small 11-16 secondary school on the outskirts of Stockbridge serving a wide local community. Our rural location undoubtedly adds a unique dimension to school life and our links across the community.

We are very proud of our school and believe we have much to celebrate. Our motto is ‘in pursuit of personal excellence’ and we have very high expectations of our pupils and ourselves in all aspects of school life.

We provide a safe and caring environment in which all pupils are known and valued as individuals. We want our pupils to enjoy coming to school and to achieve success. Our staff are committed to providing an outstanding level of care, guidance and support and we pride ourselves on how well we know our pupils.

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We believe Test Valley School is special and the reasons speak for themselves when you visit us:

  • pupils enjoying their learning and positive about coming to school
  • staff committed to providing excellent support for every pupil to achieve their best
  • high quality teaching and learning
  • positive relationships between staff and pupils, and pupils with one another
  • a range of opportunities to challenge and inspire our pupils to become independent and confident learners

Our curriculum is carefully planned and we believe we offer our pupils a rich and diverse learning experience. We seek to educate our pupils to the highest levels and equip them with the skills, aptitudes and qualities they need to succeed to enable them to become independent, adaptable and confident learners.

Term Dates

Summer Term:

Monday 24th April – Tuesday 25th July

Half term: Monday 29th May — Friday 2nd June

INSET Day: Friday 7th July…


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Headteacher’s Letter, June 2017

Dear Parent As you will no doubt be aware from the media and the recent General Election the funding for education is increasingly becoming an area of concern. Our school, in common with many schools across the country, is facing rising costs and significant budgetary pressures going forward.

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Headteacher's Welcome

Miss L Hiscock
We are very proud of our school and believe we have much to offer. We want to ensure every pupil has a high quality learning experience so they will enjoy coming to school and will achieve success as independent, confident learners.

We are delighted that Ofsted judged our school as still 'Good' on their recent visit (February 2017)…