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Jo McKeown Executive Headteacher

Thank you for your warm welcome to test Valley. My role as Executive Head and Director of the HISP Learning partnerships will support our school community in receiving the highest quality school improvement support. As an experienced senior leader and Headteacher I will be working closely with our Head of school, senior team and staff to secure the best possible outcomes for all pupils within our community, and those joining our community.

Test Valley is certainly in a beautiful part of our country, and my aim is to ensure that we continue to build a school curriculum and culture that embraces the context of Test Valley, whilst ensuring all pupils are consistently in pursuit of excellence. This might be a progression route to University or to an apprenticeship. It is our responsibility that all pupils are both supported and challenge to achieve their best.

Nicky Goodridge Head of School

I feel very privileged and proud to be the Head of School at Test Valley, the children are incredible and leave me in awe and wonder every day. We are very fortunate to be ‘small and rural’, we know our children well and relationships are strong. The natural beauty which surrounds us positively impacts on our mental health and well-being. 

School culture is more than teaching students to pass exams, it’s about caring for every student unconditionally, preparing them to live their lives independently, enabling them to choose their pathway in life.  Values our school are built upon include: kindness, excellence, resilience and empowerment. Here at Test Valley we are creating an inclusive environment for all children to succeed, thrive and achieve their aspirational hopes and dreams. 



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