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“In Pursuit of Personal Excellence”

Welcome from Headteacher

Having been a Headteacher and Head of School in other schools in Hampshire, it is an absolute pleasure and privilege to now be the Headteacher at Test Valley School.

Test Valley school is a small, rural, high achieving school. Our smaller than average size means we know our pupils well and can individually support them in their "pursuit of personal excellence".


Recent Feedback from Parents

"A massive thank you. As a school the help and assistance you have given my child, so far shows no bounds. You have supported him through lockdown by allowing him to attend school and giving him the help he requires, from my prospective he appears to have settled in well and is as happy as a child can be, to attend school on a daily basis with no issues. His confidence is soaring and from his school report, his education has improved since he has been with Test Valley. The school office are also so very helpful and should not be forgotten as their job is an important one. They are the first port of call for any parent calling the school. Whenever I have called (or they call me), they have been courteous, helpful, understanding and supportive. As a parent it is reassuring to know your child is happy and safe whenever they are away from you."


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