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New Head of School - Caroline Lowing

We are delighted to welcome our new Head of School, Caroline Lowing.

Caroline Lowing has had 20 years experience in Secondary education. She has previously held both pastoral and curriculum roles, has been an assistant Head in charge of Teaching and Learning as well as a Deputy Head at Harrow Way School in Andover, responsible for the Quality of Education. Last year, Caroline worked in HISP central MAT team as School Improvement Lead - supporting a wide range of schools on their journey.

Caroline is extremely passionate about the doors that education can open for young people and believes that every single young person should be afforded the chance to succeed. In addition to her professional roles, Caroline is a member of the ASCL Council and is the co-chair of the Ethnic Diversity Network - a national group that represents and support school leaders of colour so that they can have a voice and support each other.