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The Library is open from

Monday – Friday

Break 1 and Break 2

Each KS3 English Class will have a Library Lesson once a fortnight where they can read and exchange books.

Borrowing Books

Each pupil can borrow two book for three weeks at a time. At the end of this time, they can either extend the loan for a further three weeks or return the books to get a new one or two out.

Reading Material
  • Non Fiction Books (shelved according to their subject and Dewey Decimal number)
  • Fiction Books (shelved alphabetically by Author)

The fiction books are also split between books suitable for all ages and those which have more advanced content suitable for 14+ (they are shelved as KS3 (purple) and KS4 (red)). The Library Consent form (under the Year 6 Transition Forms) allows Guardians to opt in or out of permitting their pupil(s) to borrow all books in the library, purple and red.

Pupil Librarians

Students have the choice to apply to be a Pupil Librarian. In this role they will help with the running of the library from making displays to checking out books and re-shelving.

For more information, please ask the Librarian.   

Reading Lists


Library Website

The library is open to welcome pupils break and lunch who wish to use the space to read, do homework, to sit quietly or exchange their books.

We are always updating our stock so there will be something new to discover each time.