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Year 6 Transition Team

Message to Year 6 from Mr Thomas, Transition Lead

Starting at Test Valley School will give you an exciting opportunity to make many new friends to broaden your friendship groups.  Our school boasts a wide range of extra-curricular clubs, in which I encourage you to give them all a try.  As previously mentioned, you have at your disposal a set of teachers who are extremely caring who will assist you with any concern you may have.   Keep working hard at your school, and I'm very excited to meet you all here very soon.

As you enter your final year at Primary School, we want to encourage you to keep working hard in School and continue to flourish in these last few months. We want to make sure your transition to Test Valley is a smooth process and whilst many things will be different for you, and you will have many new experiences, please do not worry about these things. You will adjust quickly to your new routines and remember, we are all here to help you.

Hello Year 6!  
My name is Mrs Andrews, Assistant Headteacher for SEND and Inclusion

Test Valley is an exciting school to attend. You may be feeling really excited and ready to come to us or at first you may feel a little shy and / or feel nervous; all very normal ways to feel at this time.

As part of the transition team at Test Valley, I will be ensuring that you experience the best possible start. We will be making sure that your transition to the school is as smooth as possible, and we are looking forward to getting to know you before you start Test Valley. In my role, I oversee support for students with additional needs. I will be liaising with the SENCo’s at your current school to gather key information about you and what helps you to access learning and be independent within the classroom. This information will be shared with your future teachers, so each classroom experience is accessible to you

We hope that the information provided on the portal will help to support you with this. The Year 6/7 Transition Portal will continue to be updated, so please keep checking back on this page.