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At Test Valley School we are a close and supportive community, working hard to ensure all our pupils can enjoy the pursuit of excellence.

Our aim is that Test Valley School provides all pupils with a rich and dynamic curriculum to enjoy in a safe environment.

We aim to prepare every individual thoroughly so that they can take their place as a responsible global citizen in our modern world. We want to nurture exemplary ‘citizens of our world’ who will leave Test Valley School as well-rounded individuals with high self-esteem and the courage to grab hold of opportunities and try new things. Young people who seek to do something for others. We want to encourage the type of behaviour that is considerate and responsible, caring about others and caring for the planet and making the world a better and more just place.

Encouraging our pupils to be confident, caring and capable of taking on life’s challenges is at the heart of what we do.  We set high standards and nurture our pupils so that they can meet and exceed our and their own expectations.  

There is much more to achieve here at Test Valley School and it is my job, along with my highly capable team, to ensure all our pupils have the very best experience and leave with the outcomes they deserve.

Joanne McKeown and Nicky Goodridge 

Executive Headteacher and Head of School